The 63rd International GROTRIAN Piano Competition In Honor of Clara Schumann


“The International Grotrian Piano Competition” was established in 1954 as a competition for young pianists and has always been an essential part of musical life in Braunschweig, Germany. The competition has been an important example for the national German piano competition „Jugend musiziert”, which was founded in 1963. Over the course of its more than 60-year history, it has constantly evolved and made a name for itself worldwide. Since 2016 the competition covers professional musicians up to the age of 22 years. In 2018, semi-finals will take place worldwide for the first time, and the competition has been clearly enhanced by the increase of the total prize money.

Nurturing Prodigies

Parsons Music Corporation and GROTRIAN have set themselves the goal of supporting young musicians at the beginning of their careers. The ultimate aim of the competition is to discover, promote and motivate young pianistic talents. It strives to become an artistic challenge as well as a forum of encounters and exchange for the contestants. It is honored that the competition is supported by the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, The Academy of Music at Suzhou University of Science and Technology, HarzClassix Festival, State Theater of Braunschweig and The Leopold Mozart Centre for Music and Music Education at the University of Augsburg.


The 63rd International Grotrian Piano Competition is divided into two groups: Junior (13 to 16 years) and Experienced (17 to 22 years). Pianists of all nations, regardless of their musical education background (university, college, music school or private instruction), are welcome to participate in the competition.


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